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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 september 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Traditional backstrap weaving from Mexico

Gabina Valentín López (Mexico) - Zaterdag 24 september & Zondag 25 september
NDSM Loods
3 uur
€ 95
Zaterdag 24 september
Zondag 25 september

Join us on a journey to embrace the symbols and meanings of the Amuzgo women’s weaving practices and feel closer to their narratives and beliefs. Learn how to set up a backstrap loom and gently weave colourful geometric symbols with their guidance. Feel the softness of their cotton and choose which plant colours speak to you. Weave as many symbols from their culture as you can, learn their meanings and take the loom and weaving sample of this Mexican culture home with you.


In a remote village in the state of Guerrero (México), there is an indigenous group named Amuzgo or Amochco, known for its textile heritage. Weaving in this region has been a women’s role, and oral transmission has kept this practice alive from one generation to another, playing crucial roles in these women’s social, spiritual and economic lives. Weaving a piece can take up weeks, months or even a year to be completed, making each creation a unique story of its maker. Amuzgo weaves are complex representations in geometric motifs of the fauna, flora, ethnicity, beliefs and personal narratives of the ancestors. This valuable craft ensures cultural continuity, and ritual exchange and strengthens the community bonds among its members.


Gabina Valentín López is an Amuzgo weaver from Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, on the Costa Chica of México. From the age of nine, she started weaving and learning the traditional symbology of her indigenous community, side by side with her family elders. Forced to migrate to the urban areas of Mexico City, weaving became for some years a night activity to keep practising her knowledge and feel closer to her roots. With her passion and strength, Gabina dedicates her life to preserving and maintaining her textile culture. She travels around México to sell the work of the Amuzgo weavers, safeguarding their ability to gain independence as women while keeping their culture alive.


Inês Queirós is a Portuguese textile artist and researcher based in Amsterdam, who is dedicated to preserving the endangered textile cultures and the unique multicultural manifestations of the ethnosphere. As the founder of TuYo Foundation and with her knowledge of natural dyeing methods/weaving techniques, she tries to motivate communities to restore ancestral textile practices while exploring new possibilities. She approaches textiles as a physical vehicle for storytelling, social encounters and a powerful tool for women’s emancipation. She will be the translator and facilitator of the masterclasses taught by Gabina Valentín Lopez.


For weavers of all levels, the minimum age is 10 years. Language English or Spanish.


The price includes the backstrap loom, which you can take home.


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