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Ambacht in Beeld Opleidingsdagen 19 & 20 september 2024
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NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Learn about violin making, hands-on

Camille Dolibeau - Zaterdag 24 september & Zondag 25 september
NDSM Loods
1,5 uur
€ 25
Zaterdag 24 september
Zondag 25 september

In this workshop, you will learn about violin making: the construction of violins, how they are made from scratch, and what materials, wood and tools are used.


You will learn some basic steps to make a part of a violin: prepare a small part of the wood to draw a shape of a violin and then design an f-hole, prepare it, cut it by saw and carve it. The finishing touch is varnishing and colouring your shaped piece of wood before proudly taking it home.


Minimum age: 14, English or French speaking workshop teacher


Camille Dolibeau is a French violin maker who is passionate about string quartet instruments, creating violins, violas and cellos inspired by the old Italian and Dutch masters at her workshop in Amsterdam.


After graduating from the École Nationale de Lutherie Lycée Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume in Mirecourt (France), she enhanced her experience in workshops in France, Belgium, Canada and Mexico. In 2011, she arrived in Amsterdam and started to work at Andreas Post’s workshop restoring instruments while setting up her own workshop at Krux Amsterdam.


Since 2016 she has worked full-time and combines restoration with creation. Several of her instruments are played by professional musicians around the world. She also offers sound adjustment, instrument repairs and other special projects for musicians. Camille recently moved her atelier to the city centre of Amsterdam.


Wood for the workshops is generously supplied by Le bois de Lutherie.


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