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workshop | Paper Marbling

Lucy McGrath (UK) - Zaterdag 28 september & Zondag 29 september
De Passage
1 uur
€ 30
Zaterdag 28 september
Zondag 29 september

This is a fast-paced and energetic hour-long workshop. Marbling is a fascinating technique that lies somewhere between painting, print-making and science – paints are floated onto a bath of thickened water and manipulated with tools such as combs and styluses to make beautiful designs, before being transferred onto a piece of paper.


Students will be guided through a variety of different techniques, gradually building up technical skill. A range of patterns will be covered including ‘Stone’, ‘Italian vein’, ‘Swirl’, and ‘Feather’, and students can take home all the papers they’ve created once they have dried.


Lucy McGrathis one of just a handful of paper marblers left in the UK. She discovered marbling on a holiday to Turkey (where it originates and still a major hub for the craft) and fell in love with the spontaneity and chaotic creativity of it.


She started Marmor Paperie in 2015 with a mission to breathe new life into the endangered craft by bringing it to a wider audience and experimenting with its myriad possibilities in order to carve a new place for it in today’s busy world.  Lucy’s marbling is characterized by a fresh, contemporary colour palette and patterns that celebrate the chaotic qualities of the water base.


After winning the Arts Society/Cockpit Arts Award in 2016, Lucy joined craft incubator Cockpit Arts in south London, where she is currently based.


Lucy has previously worked with brands such as Matches Fashion, as well as offering her own range of luxury stationery and original marbled gifts. She is passionate about keeping marbling alive and runs monthly workshops to teach the craft to others, as well as making regular appearances at events to demonstrate the craft and raise awareness of its plight.


Minimum age – 10 years


This workshop is in English


Photo © Jamie Trounce


Organized in collaboration with the Heritage Crafts Association
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