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Ambacht in Beeld Festival, 28 & 29 september 2019, De Hallen Amsterdam

workshop | Make a Relief Woodcarving

Deborah Mills NYC - Zaterdag 28 september & Zondag 29 september
De Passage
2,5 hours
€ 60
Zaterdag 28 september
Zondag 29 september

Let the wood chips fly!


Deborah Mills is a New York based woodcarver who will share her knowledge during Ambacht in Beeld.


This is a process-oriented workshop geared toward beginners. Through demonstration and practice, you will learn the essential tools and techniques for hand-carving a relief wood sculpture.


Deborah will demonstrate safety rules and the proper use of each tool, after which students will embark on a simple woodcarving project to take home with them. The workshop emphasizes the basics of how to carve with the grain of the wood, and best practices for outlining, setting in, grounding (lowering the background) and modeling the design.




For almost thirty years Deborah Mills has been creating custom, hand-carved designs in wood for homes, businesses, houses of worship, museums and even a hit Broadway show. She is inspired by ancient art and folk art, which she channels when creating her own designs.


Deborah trained with a master woodcarver in Norway. A growing part of her carving practice is to pass on to a new generation the skills, tools and techniques she learned there. She has taught workshops around the country and holds classes for beginners in her New York City carving studio.


Zaterdag 28 & zondag 29 september

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