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Biswanath Rath, Avinash Maurya & Kriti Gupta - Woensdag 3 april
1,5 uur
€ 11
Woensdag 3 april

In samenwerking met Cineblend vertonen we deze mooie antropologische documentaires.



Biswanath Rath

29′, Engels ondertiteld


Having originated from time, hitherto unknown, to holding a distinct place in the urban wardrobe today, Kotpad Handloom tells the rich and fascinating story of a unique, timeless textile tradition practiced for centuries in the tribal region of Koraput (Odisha) in India.

An out-of-the-world natural dyeing process followed by weaving of an awe-inspiring fabric adorned with nature-inspired tribal motifs is what brings global identity and recognition to Kotpad handloom. But are the factors making the weave unique also the very reasons of its languishing days? Will such a tradition always keep standing the test of time? The documentary tries to find answers.























Rediscovering Jajam – WERELDPREMIERE
Avinash Maurya & Kriti Gupta
25′, Engels ondertiteld


As public spaces go missing in our urban lifestyles, Indian craftsmen share their stories of Jajam, a large traditional textile that signified a space of gathering for people in villages. Embedded in the culture of Rajasthan, Jajam was called the ‘people’s textile’ as it was often communally-owned and played a vital role in the social fabric of local communities. “Rediscovering Jajam” is not only about how Jajam textiles have featured in changing contexts over the centuries, but also about the people, their experiences, beliefs and way of life.


Nagesprek met Lipika Bansal van de Textielfactorij en kunstenaar Alya Hessy die in samenwerking met de Textiel Factorij in India onderzoek deed naar block-print.


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