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workshop | From Ramallah: Recycle pallets into a photo frame or a flag

Azad Shams - Zaterdag 29 september & Zondag 30 september
2 uur
€ 15
Zaterdag 29 september
Zondag 30 september

In 2015, Azad Shams started with “Afanen”. Palestinian Handmade.


Afanen is an expression derived from the word “Fann” in Arabic, which means the artificial and aesthetic spirit of things. “Afanen” is a workshop specialized in the recycling of pallets to create unlimited amount of wooden furniture models, maintaining high standards of quality, professionalism and creativity. And it’s considered one of “Home of Life” major programs, which aims at generating income to the initiative.


Our slogan is “Made with love in Palestine”.


Our vision is improving the visual production in our country, spread the culture of recycling and its importance to the environment, art value, high quality, Create self-sufficiency and meet our human activities in our society with all love for freedom.



The workshops


We offer two workshops:
In one you can convert a pallet – which we use to hold goods within trade transportation – to the Holland flag, the results will be amazing, because this type of recycling will shows us how it is great to convert some destroyed pallets to our high value, our flag.
We will cut the pallet by a saw into pieces of wood. After that we will clean it by sandpapering it, we need 3 pieces to make the flag, we will color them (Red, White and Blue) we will wait some minutes until dry, after that we will collect them together and here we go with an artistic piece!
The ruler photo frame
Or: you can transform a folding ruler into a unique photo frame. Using rulers, woodworking tools and pallets, you can create a frame that will be an eye-catching item in your home.

Minimum age: 18 years old


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