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workshop | Borduurtechnieken uit Palestina

Birzeit University Friends Association - Zaterdag 29 september & Zondag 30 september
De Passage
1 uur
€ 15
Zaterdag 29 september
Zondag 30 september

Leer borduren van Palestijnse studentes uit Ramallah.


Je leert werken met naald en draad, oefent de specifieke steken, en werkt aan je eigen fotolijst of visitekaarthouder. Na de introductieworkshop kun je thuis zelf verder, de fotolijst of visitekaarthouder mag je meenemen.


In samenwerking met Birzeit University Friends Association, de gemeente Amsterdam en de gemeente Ramallah organiseren we deze workshop.


Minimum leeftijd: 10 jaar


Voertaal Engels


Over Birzeit University Friends Association:


Birzeit University Friends Association has been established since 1993 in the city of Ramallah, and since the past 25 years it has been very supportive to Birzeit University and its students at different aspects financially, morally and scientifically. The support is translated through strengthening the social, the economical and the cultural links and networks between the University and the local community, which achieved in making available scholarships for students of different specialty of studies that is suitable and needed by the Palestinian labor market.

Under the scholarship program, BZUFA has been recognized as the sanctuary supporter for the University students for contributing in covering their tuition fees which help them pass their academic education and be employed at the Palestinian labor market resulting in being financially independent and be a great support to their families as well.


Today, each semester around 360 students of Birzeit University benefit from the different programs services we offer them either through the educational scholarships program, or the food coupons program targeting all Birzeit University students with low-income financial sources, in addition to the educational books borrowing program, and the huge success program “Hand in Hand program”- named KANAANI Made with the hands of Birzeit University students.

The impact of our intervention within KANAANI has been noticed to have an effect far beyond just the financial support aspect, but more on influencing the students’ moral of high disciplines at work along with building the spirit of partnership and working as a team. The program raises the importance of volunteering work, learning, creativity and innovation concepts highlighting that the arrogance of success is to think what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. A major result of the program is its social cohesion where you can observe how students do cooperate and collaborate forming a small cohesive society fighting exclusion and marginalization, and creating a sense of a belonging and trust between them working as a one bond towards achieving the program goals, and maintaining their scholarships at the same time .

Under the program, the students have been experiencing a great success over the past year on two levels, first the ability to achieve the sustainability of their scholarships with the sales revenue of the products produced by their hands, and the second, the development of their skills of producing the crafts after receiving extensive professional training courses, which result in opening the way for them after graduation to gain jobs easier at the industrial sector. Add to the above a huge achievement is raising awareness about the preservation of the Palestinian cultural heritage and preserve the Palestinian identity.


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