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film | Time Worm & The Kimono incl Q&A BBC maker

Sena Basoz / Jon Morrice - Donderdag 22 maart
€ 10
Donderdag 22 maart

Time Worm (Nederlandse première)

Turks gesproken, Engels ondertiteld

Sena Basoz



Time Worm is a creative documentary, which combines documentary footage of silk farming with a collaborative performance of the children of Kulp, Diyarbakir in Eastern Turkey. Silk making is an ancient practice in Diyarbakir region, which came to an end in the 80s due to the introduction of free-market economy. It was further affected by the armed conflict between the Turkish government and the Kurdish rebels in the region and heavy migration. In early 2000s, silk making was reintroduced to Kulp, Diyarbakir. The silkworm’s fragile life starts and ends in the hands of humans just before it turns into the silk moth in order to produce a continuous thread of silk from its cocoon. The film captures silk farming; an ancient practice that brings together beauty and destruction.


 ”The young director’s poetic feel for reality, the honesty with which she describes the relationship between human work and nature, drawing under the spotlight a rural community surviving crisis and dramatic events, but also sharing a spirit of renaissance.”

Progetto Natura Award 

Gran Paradiso Film Festival




Handmade in Japan: The Kimono (incl. Q&A met BBC maker Jon Morrice)

Japans gesproken, Engels ondertiteld

Jon Morrice



This film takes us to the remarkable island of Amami Oshima in the southern oceans of Japan, to follow the elaborate handmade production of a traditional Japanese kimono. Over five hundred people are involved in producing the island’s famous mud-dyed silk which takes many months to produce. The film follows the painstaking process of the silk being bound, hand dyed, woven and finally turned into a kimono by a seamstress. Along the way we not only discover the history of the kimono tradition, but also the many difficulties facing the kimono industry in modern Japan.


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