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Ambacht in Beeld Filmfestival Rotterdam 7 t/m 9 december 2020

masterclasses | Unieke kans voor beeldhouwers: masterclass mallen maken voor bronzen beelden

Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue (USA) - Zaterdag 23 september & Zondag 24 september
Belcampo Loft
3 uur
€ 75,00
Zaterdag 23 september
Zondag 24 september


Voertaal Engels


Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue will teach this masterclass covering the basic techniques of using Body Double, a skin safe silicone molding compound. Participants will learn the process of preparing the live model, proper release agent use, silicone mixing and application techniques, plaster bandage support shell construction, demolding the subject and making a positive casting from the life mold.


There will be ample time for Q and A during and after the demonstration.


Vanessa Hoheb and Thomas Donahue met at Pratt Institute in 1975 and have been collaborating professionally for over forty years. As artisans working with visual artists across a wide range of disciplines, Hoheb and Donahue have drawn upon their skills in the traditional arts of mold making, modeling, casting, and restoration, enabling artists to bring their ideas to life.


Working with Willem DeKooning, they enlarged his models to heroic scale for casting into bronze. Hoheb and Donahue headed the team responsible for the restoration of the outer skin of the Statue of Liberty. They joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they molded original artifacts in the Reproduction Studio and made reproductions for sale and curatorial study.


The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York invited Hoheb and Donahue to become full members and they were inducted into this prestigious Society of artisans in 2014.


They are currently working on a commission by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to design and cast an edition of bronze awards to be given to Pfizer’s most influential scientists.


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