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Ambacht in Beeld Festival - Save the date: 23 & 24 september 2023 - NDSM Loods Amsterdam-Noord

masterclasses | Borduurtechnieken uit Egypte

Mogeda Abdelrehim Metwally and Peri Abou Zied (Thaat) - Zaterdag 23 september & Zondag 24 september
Belcampo Vide
3 uur
€ 75,00
Zaterdag 23 september
Zondag 24 september

Voertaal Engels



(Update: De VISA zijn binnen dus deze masterclass gaat door!)



Tally is a form of traditional Egyptian metallic thread embroidery exercised by women mainly in the Governorates of “Sohag and Assuit” in Upper Egypt on both solid fabric or net material (cotton mesh). The practice of tally dates back to the 18th century and it began with the ornamentation of long caftans or occasion dresses and bridal veils in Upper Egypt. Special old Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic motifs identify this art, in addition to motifs derived from the Egyptian folk heritage such as the doll, camel, and the palm tree. In combination with abstract geometric motifs, which makes it, more appealing for high- end fashion consumers influencing the rate of production of tally that has extremely fluctuated.


The master class is a three hours hands-on workshop that will take the attendees through a journey of making an embroidered tally border on Egyptian black cotton mesh using both golden and silver metallic threads that are imported from India. Various patterns will be shared with the attendees to pick from and they will follow the master artisans systematically from inserting the thread to cutting, folding and creating the pattern.


All attendees will leave the workshop with their sample pieces and a compelling experience. In addition to finished pieces of Tally work (mainly shawls and caftans) that will be on display for the attendees and guests to look at and discuss any technical related topics with the artisan.


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