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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Vormgevers in Hout

Stichting Vormgeving in Hout -

In collaboration with Stichting Vormgeving in Hout, a number of Dutch woodworkers will present their work during the festival.


Otto Koedijk is a wood turner and makes tangible puzzles, among other things. The name says it all: these are puzzles made by Otto in such a way that each piece can be recognized by touch due to its shape and texture. So you can do this puzzle with your eyes closed!


Jac Wijnhoven is a sculptor in wood. His passion for wood started at an early age, because his father was a carpenter. He prefers to use raw and unsawn wood from Dutch gardens and forests. His free work is always polished and often geometric in shape, where he has a preference for button shapes.


Jelmer van der Sluis is a furniture maker and designer. Together with his colleague, he manages the Kopshout furniture company and makes solid wooden furniture to order. Come and admire some of his works and see how Jelmer works! In addition to a number of pieces of furniture, Jelmer also takes his workbench with him, so that he can demonstrate how to make solid wooden furniture.


Stefan During is fascinated by chairs. He has been designing them for about 40 years. He uses the prototype of each chair to show to his audience. The chair can then be ordered, in native woods, and custom made. He does the making himself, in his workshop on Texel.


Rutger Graas presents the manufacturing lab. Get acquainted with the craft of today and be amazed by the possibilities and impossibilities of contemporary techniques. Based on a number of tangible examples, Rutger would like to talk to you about how a robot cutter has expanded his creative world.










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