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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Old painting technique: imitation burr walnut

Corinna Wildschut - Saturday 23 september
2,5 hours
€ 47,50
Minimum age:
18 years
Saturday 23 september

This masterclass will introduce you to the craft of ‘ancient painting techniques’. This craft consists of imitating wood and marble, tortoiseshell and precious stones. And typesetting (painting), gilding and bronzing. During the masterclass on Saturday morning, we will imitate burr walnut.


First, we will study the root wood to be imitated. What does it look like? How does the structure run? If you sign up for this masterclass, you can prepare by looking up root wood examples. If necessary, print them out and take them with you. We start with sketches on paper. Then we start with the imitation on grounded paper. Imitations are made up of different layers. We start with the first layer: the drawing, the veins, and the roots. Corinna will demonstrate how we will do that and what you need for that. Kassel soil, milk powder, beer and water…


The second layer is to apply the colour. We will do this with an oil sauce and pigments ground in oil. Linseed oil, white spirit and siccative. The third layer is the protective layer. We can’t apply that one because the work won’t be dry yet. Corinna will do that at a later stage. You will be given a detailed description.


Corinna Wildschut has taught this beautiful craft for 30 years at the vocational school Nimeto in Utrecht and her own Atelier Wildschut in the NDSM Loods. She was brought up on the subject by her mother, also an imitation painter. Besides teaching, she frequently practices this art, with varying assignments. Besides painting decorations, she makes wall and ceiling paintings. She also restores stucco ceilings, ornaments, mirror frames, and other antique objects.

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