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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Musical instrument-making demonstrations

Vereniging Huismuziek -
Minimum age:
All ages

Musical instrument-making demonstrations


On Saturday


Demonstration of making a block and tuning a recorder by Jan Bouterse. Information about building a bowed instrument, with demonstrations of making a clog violin by Onno Lotgering and a violin by Harry van Zutphen. Demonstration of building a barrel organ by Wim Draaijer and building an organetto (accordion with organ pipes, after a model by Leonardo da Vinci) by Reijnier Kloeg.


On Sunday


Demonstration about voicing a harpsichord: cutting goose feather keels (picks) and adjusting them to size. This provides insight into the mechanics of a harpsichord by Rik van Pelt. Information about building a bowed instrument, with demonstrations of building a violin by Harry van Zutphen and in the afternoon of a clog violin by Onno Lotgering. Demonstration of building different guitars by Maarten Borstrok.


There is documentation material for, among other things, organ building, viol building, gamba building and various other instruments.


Bouwerskontakt is part of Huismuziek, an association for music and instrument making and aims to exchange, make available, expand and spread knowledge and experience about building musical instruments. Bouwerskontakt currently has 350 members: a large number of hobbyists but also semi-professional and professional builders. Individually or in a course, they build historical and modern instruments such as guitars, violins, harpsichords, organs, barrel organs, flutes and recorders.


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