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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Filography

Kezban Arslan - Saturday 23 september & Sunday 24 september
2 hours
€ 37,50
Minimum age:
12 years
Saturday 23 september
Sunday 24 september

Filography is an art form that originated in the Middle East and spread to both the West and the Far East. Although more information is needed about its origins, it is known that it was widely practised by many people in the Ottoman Empire. This art form is relatively new in Europe.  


During this workshop, you will create your own filography artwork with a beautiful 3D effect. The primary material of filography is 0.30 mm copper wire and a specially coated filography nail.  


Following the lines in the pattern, you hammer nails into the board and then remove the pattern paper. You choose the suitable coloured copper wire and start threading between the nails. First, the basic part, then a visual feast is presented by threading in accordance with the pattern. With about 17 different wire techniques, many patterns can be made.  


Filography requires patience. It calms the soul and creates beautiful psychological effects. Another beauty is that there is no pattern limitation, and the patterns increase at the same rate as the imagination.  


Kezban Arslan will teach this workshop. Born in Amsterdam, she studied art history and art therapy.  


After engaging in various art forms, she became interested in philography in 2016. She developed a passion for this art form. In Bursa, Turkey, she received training from highly experienced professional masters. In July 2018, she obtained her certificate and approval from her teachers.  


In March 2020, she organised her first exhibition in Amsterdam, presenting 100 designs. This was also the first filography exhibition in the Netherlands. In December 2021, she received the titles of Filography State Artist and Bearer of Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) from the Turkish Ministry of Culture.  




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