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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Venetian Glass blowing: ornament, paper weight or small bowl

Chiara Lee Taiarol, Mariana Oliboni, Andrew Dougherty - Saturday 23 september & Sunday 24 september
1 hour
€ 40
Minimum age:
6 years (children under adult supervision)
Saturday 23 september
Sunday 24 september

Language: English


This is really special: we have invited three Venetian glass blowers to teach workshops and share their knowledge.


Chiara Lee Taiarol, Mariana Oliboni and Andrew Dougherty work in this female run studio El Cocal in Murano, home of the original Ventian glass work. Traditionally, the craft has been male dominated and the trade was passed on from father to son, which makes this studio really stand out.


During this workshop you can learn how to make an ornament or paper weight.  There will be a maximum of four participants for a one hour workshop.


Disclaimer: glass is fragile, it may break during cooling down. NB it has to cool down for 24 hours, so you can pick up your work the next day.


“Why did I choose glass? Actually, it chose me. I have tried many materials but glass has a strength, when you work with it you have to be present. You have to respect it, it’s alive. In a certain sense it has led me to live life to the full”


Chiara Lee Taiarol



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