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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Vakschool Schoonhoven

Vakschool Schoonhoven -

At Vakschool Schoonhoven you will discover the power of your craft. Making beautiful things and creating moments that enrich your life. This requires craftsmanship and creativity. That is why we encourage you to develop your own talent and to capitalize on opportunities.

Discover how you bring the craft into practice in your own way: Working on your own creations as a Gold or Silversmith. As a Jeweler creating the special feeling for others. As a Clockmaker, tinkering with technology very precisely. You discover it in an inspiring environment where you can be yourself.


At the booth of Vakschool Schoonhoven you can attend various workshops:


1. Make your own (sustainable) silver nugget bracelet
Buy silver granules from us (at 2.50 euros per gram) or recycled silver (at 1.50 euros per gram). Always wanted to make a bracelet from a fork, then you can purchase recycled silver.

Melt it into a ‘nugget’ and punch in your initials with letter punches. Drill holes in it (if needed with the assistance of a Watch Technology teacher or student), tie your strap to it and voilà your own silver nugget bracelet is ready. By making this bracelet you have become acquainted with all four of our disciplines at school: Gold & Silversmiths, Jeweler and Clockwork Technology. Oh and of course you can ask all your questions to the teacher or students.


2. The diamond challenge
Do you find the diamond between these ten stones? Then you have a chance to win the one and only Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven watch!

This watch is for sale in our Jewelers shop at school. It was made by students of the Clockwork Technology course at Vakschool Schoonhoven: from design to fine mechanical processing, engraving and display. It is not only part of the regular teaching material, but also part of the exam.


This watch is a very high quality product with the following features:
– 316L steel case
– 5ATM waterproof
– Saer glass
– Leather strap
– Swiss movement
– Date display
– Black dial with Zadkine logo and student made indication

The watch costs € 285 (including 21% VAT and shipping). Good to know: the retail value of a watch with the same Swiss movement is € 700 on average!


3. Replace battery
Now that you have been able to read a little more about our Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven watch, do you want to know what it feels like to work on it? Then see if you can replace a battery and maybe you can perform some other activities.



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