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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Traces of the Future

Suzanne van Leendert -

Traces of the Future is a documentary portrait of Dutch photographer Herman van Doorn, who has been photographing for over 40 years. Herman specialized in architectural photography but in recent years has increasingly focused on his own work in which he expresses his ideals. He also does this in Venice, where he documents old crafts and traditional workshops that are disappearing.


Reasons for the disappearance of the workshops are mass tourism and the cheap ‘replicas’ of traditional Venetian products. Through his photographs, Herman makes us wonder what we, as a society and individually, are doing. The documentary is partly set in Venice and partly in Utrecht.


Traces of the Future was made by documentary maker Suzanne van Leendert (U & Eye Media Productions).


During the festival, there is an exhibition by Herman van Doorn with his photos of artisans in Venice. Several artisans portrayed will give master classes during the festival, including mask maker Marilisa del Cason and glass blower Chiara Lee Taiarol.


Both days, Suzanne and Herman will be present for an introduction and Q&A, at 12pm and 4pm. 


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