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Ambacht in Beeld Festival 21 & 22 September 2024
NDSM Loods, Amsterdam-Noord

| Cinema!

Diverse filmmakers -

Take a seat in the mini cinema and enjoy wonderful documentaries on craft.


Screened in a continuous loop.


Traces of the future + Q&A

23 minutes

A film by Suzanne van Leendert


Traces of the Future is a documentary portrait of Utrecht based photographer Herman van Doorn, who has been photographing for more than 40 years. The film follows Herman in Venice where he documents old crafts and traditional workshops that are disappearing. Reasons for this are mass tourism and cheap ‘replicas’ of traditional Venetian products. Through his photographs, Herman makes us wonder what we are doing as a society, and individually. The documentary is set partly in Venice and partly in Utrecht.


There will be special screenings with introduction and Q&A with filmmaker Suzanne van Leendert and photographer Herman van Doorn on both days, at 12:00 and 16:00 hrs.


Powerful specialist craftsmanship in focus

Fragments of ± 5 minutes

SBB’s expertise centre for specialist craftsmanship.


How do we maintain small-scale vocational education? During the festival, we screen several short films. Take a look at the courses and licensed training companies in piano technology, frame making, reed thatching, natural stone processing, clockmaking and orthopaedic shoe technology.


Uit ander hout gesneden (Carved from different wood)

12 minutes

A film by Jon Earle


Carpenter John van Schijndel from Vlijmen carried out a full restoration on a badly battered monumental door. This film shows how this 110-year-old door was completely restored in his workshop, in an artisanal manner. During the film, Van Schijndel proclaims his opinion that craft skills should be taken to another level, instead of losing our cultural skills and heritage.


Venetian crafts

Films by Lars Hegndal


Mario Berta Battiloro – Goldleaf, 7 minutes

Gabriele Gmeiner – Shoemaker, 9 minutes

Marco Franzato – Glass artist, 7 minutes

Paolo Brandolisio – Woodworking, 11 minutes

Simona Lacovazzi – Glass beads, 4 minutes


XHOSA Documentaire – KABRA

14 minutes

A film by Onitcha Toppin and Giorgio Toppin


KABRA is a documentary on Surinam traditional textile crafts.  In this film, creative director of fashion brand XHOSA Giorgio Toppin returns to his motherland Surinam, where he reconnects with their traditions and techniques.


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